Ukraine is among the top 10 countries recommended for tourism

Portal Globe Spots released a list of ten countries that are most attractive to the public in 2013. Ukraine occupies an eighth place in this list.
The outset is that the list includes only the countries that are exotic to some extent and not widely known among tourists. According to the rating, beginners and seasoned tourists should visit such countries as Portugal, Mozambique and Kyrgyzstan first. Next to them are Panama, Armenia, Rwanda, Cuba and Ukraine. Malawi and Canada are completing the top ten.
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The Oleshky Sands – the Largest Desert in Europe

Few people know that Ukraine has the largest desert in Europe within its territory. It is called the Oleshky Sands and located in Kherson Region. The sands were spread at the lower reaches of the Dnieper River from the ancient times. But they were suppressed by the rich flora. The grass was of  human height.

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Must see: The Best in Europe Fountain with Light and Music Show

Roshen Fountain is for sure one of the most beautiful sights not only in Ukraine but in the whole world. The only floating fountain in Europe and one of the top 10 beautiful and spectacular world fountains is located in Vinnitsa City not far from Kyiv. The originality of the fountain is that the system is installed into the natural pond – the Pivdenny Buh River. The Fountain is a part of a complex project of the Pivdenny Buh quay reconstruction near Roshen Confectionery Factory in Vinnitsa.

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International Airport “Kyiv” (former “Zhulyany”)

The history of airport “Kyiv” ( former “Zhulyany”) dated back from 1924 but only nowadays it began to serve international passenger flights. In May 2012 new International Passenger Terminal “A” was set into operation in airport Kyiv. The opening of the new airport in Kiev coincided with Euro 2012 in Ukraine and during the championship 1185 takeoffs and landings with 60772 passengers on board were carried out.
Today runways, taxiways, radio-technical facilities and passenger terminals of the International Airport  Kyiv are able to provide 16 aircraft takeoffs and landings per hour 24/7 even under severe weather conditions on the category I of ICAO.

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A Flowerbed from Old Car Body in Nikolaev

In 2009 an unusual attraction appeared in Nikolaev city not far from Juzhna street. The body of old Soviet car “Zaporozhets” was repaired, painted in yellow color with white flowers and red bugs on it and used as a flowerbed.

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Ukrainian Cuisine: Beetroot Salad(Vinaigrette)

- 2 potatoes
- 1 beetroot
- 1 carrot
-  1 onion
- 2 tablespoons chopped green onion
- 2 pickled cucumbers
- 6 pieces lettuce for decoration

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Zalishchyky – the town embraced by the river

Zalishchyky – is a small town in Ternopil region that is located on the banks of Dnister River. The town is famous for its picturesque location – it lies in the deep ravine of Dnister and it seems that Dnister embraces this town from all sides.
The town is quite old, it was settled dating 1469 and its name literally means “behind the forest”. Really, the first settlers lived behind the forest in relation to others.

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Summer in the Carpatian Mountains (Video)

The Ukrainian Carpathians are beautiful both in winter and summer.  Summer is a period of hiking in the Carpathians. The beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians is shown in this video.

Landscapes of Carpathians. Summer 2012. from Kipish on Vimeo.


Euro 2012 in Ukraine: Impressions of Foreign Fans.

There were a lot of disputes while Ukraine was hosting European football championship – Euro 2012 together with Poland.  First, there are a lot of stereotypes about Ukraine in European countries. In some countries famous people, politicians, former football players warned their countrymen from visiting Ukraine because of its undeveloped infrastructure, corruption and the high level of crime.

Besides, there were a lot of skeptics inside Ukraine who talked that our country was not ready to host such a kind of an international competition as European Championship and to service a great amount of international tourists. These talks were proved by the negative facts when some Ukrainians tried to profiteer on Euro and set much higher prices for everything including accommodation rent.

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Rent an apartment in Ukraine for free during Euro 2012

While planning a visit to Ukraine to EURO 2012 a lot of foreigners have faced with a problem of apartment rent. The hotels set very high prices for this period of time so that many of fans started thinking about the refusal to visit EURO 2012. Others tried to find alternative cheaper ways like living in Turkey or just flying by plane to see a match and coming back on the same day.

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